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Living the dream

Living the Dream

How to select, prepare for and enjoy your photography workshop

Marco Ryan

This stunning 71-page, 35-spread PDF provides you with everything you need to know about selecting, planning, preparing for and then going on a photography workshop. it is the ultimate guide to choosing a photography workshop, as it is packed full of tips, links and suggestions of what to look for, what to ask of the tour leader and what to expect. There is an extensive section devoted to selecting the right gear and another section on what to research and how.

Marco is an experienced workshop leader and organiser. Having been on a number of high profile workshops as a participants and with a huge reach into a community of dedicated workshop participants, Marco has culled, organised and prioritised the things you must know and must do to get the most out of your workshop. Whether this is your first workshop, you are a seasoned participant or you organise workshops and need a new source of information for your own clients, this eBook has everything you will need.

Living the Dream is a stunning eBook, full of gorgeous images taken by Marco on his many workshops. It is an essential resource if you are contemplating a workshop and by purchasing it you’ll also be helping others less fortunate than you live their dream – 100% of the profits go to the charity, Focus For Humanity,

  • USD $7.00